Learn more about why we decided to start a dental clinic in Horace

and how we got to where we are.

Photo of the Bultema family walking on a path


Maple Family Dental was destined to be in Horace.  We always had a deep desire to be involved in a smaller community where people care about each other. And, Horace is a growing community that deserves good quality, convenient dental care in its neighborhood. We are excited to be that source.


Horace is where we call home. In 2014, we drove through Horace, as we often had, but something was different. There was a pull to the community and Dr. Bultema began to wonder if this is where he should build a private practice.  It was a place where he could serve a community and where he could foster these relationships throughout a lifetime.  We looked into land and into builders, but it wasn’t quite time.  We did not have peace in the process, so we stopped.  In 2015, a year later, while driving through Horace, we again, felt that pull to the community.   We prayed that God would clearly guide us if this is where He wanted the dental practice.  We asked God to confirm that we should move forward with a specific action.  We asked God, that if He wanted us to continue with the idea of building in Horace, that the people we talked to a year ago, would call us. Sure enough, that very day, we got a call from the people we were talking to a year ago to see if there was any interest in pursuing our dental practice yet again. With that confirmation, we moved forward, and have built Maple Family Dental to serve Horace.



During the building process, we obviously needed a name for the dental practice.  We brainstormed, made lists, asked for input, etc.  At the same time during the building process, our family was getting licensed to do foster care out of our home.  We began to notice this book MAPLE was showing up everywhere.  Library displays, store displays, doctor offices, YMCA, online, etc.  One day, while a social worker was at our home during a training, the book was even delivered to our home through the Dolly Parton Book Program.  Our family thought maybe we were supposed to adopt a child named Maple.  We told the social worker to keep her eye out for any kids named Maple in case we were to adopt them.  Then one day the Lord confirmed in our hearts that this name “Maple” was “Jon’s Baby”…the new dental practice that was being birthed.


When we thought about the idea of the dental practice being named “Maple Family Dental,” Dr. Bultema reminisced about his childhood years of collecting “helicopter” maple tree seeds from Lindenwood park  and then taking them home and planting them in his yard. With each move, they would transplant one maple tree until it got too large. Seeds were then taken from that tree and we still have them today.


The following day, after thinking about Maple Family Dental being the name and the reminiscing of the childhood memories, Dr. Bultema found a maple leaf right in front of the door as he walked into his office.  He picked it up and took it as confirmation of what is now called Maple Family Dental.


We see this dental practice as the planting of an idea and growing into something great and beautiful, like a maple tree, with a purpose of serving others with the attributes with which God has given.


We would be honored to have you as part of the Maple Family Dental Story.



We deliver comprehensive oral care from baby teeth to permanent teeth and beyond.


We can help improve your dental aesthetics, whether it has to do with color, position, shape, size, alignment or overall smile appearance.



Check out our gallery of videos and resources on the various procedures, services and dental products available at Maple Family Dental.



We provide oral health education workshops and school visits. Our goal is to help children and adults enjoy caring for their teeth.



Learn more about why we decided to start a dental clinic in Horace

and how we got

to where we are.

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