Delivering Comprehensive Oral Care from baby teeth,

to permanent teeth, and beyond.

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We provide comprehensive family dentistry so that your family’s dental needs can be met all in one convenient location.


Starting as early as one year old, or as soon as the first tooth comes in, we see children to evaluate the health of their mouth and educate parents how to care for their teeth.  The first baby teeth will eventually fall out but it is very important to establish healthy habits from the beginning because it will affect the permanent teeth.  As children grow, we continue our care by providing cleanings, preventative care, and ongoing education about proper dental hygiene and selfcare.


Our goal for adults is to maintain the best health and appearance for YOUR smile.  Twice a year check-ups and cleanings allow us to stay ahead of many potential problems.  Fluoride treatments protect teeth from cavities. Regular exams identify cavities when they are at their beginning stages where they can be remineralized or repaired with small filings.  Catching cavities too late can result in more extensive dental treatment such as crowns, root canals or even extractions. Remember, preventative dentistry is not  nearly as expensive as neglecting your teeth.


As we age, the goal is always to maintain the best looking, healthy, and functional set of teeth we can.  Gum disease and cavities are the two leading causes of preventable tooth loss.  With good periodontal care and regular maintenance, we can help you keep your natural teeth for as long as possible.  If a replacement is necessary, often implants offer a great alternative to older methods of replacement.


Through all of these stages of life we at Maple Family Dental can take care of your dental needs. Dr. Bultema’s goal, along with our team, is to help you keep the teeth God gave you healthy and for as long as possible.


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Procedures commonly performed at Maple Family Dental:


  • Restorative: Exams, Fillings, Onlays, Crowns, Veneers, Bridges, Dental implants, Dentures, Tooth Extractions
  • General Dentistry:  Preventative Care, Root Canal Therapy, Periodontal Care, Nitrous Oxide, Family Dentistry, TMJ Disorder Therapy
  • Cosmetic:  Teeth Whitening, Porcelain Veneers, Dental Bonding, Smile Make Over





“Dr.Tara came to visit my son's preschool class, and she had such a huge impact on my son that he loves to brush his teeth, and sing her song that she taught his class (in the tune of row row row your boat) "Brush, Brush, Brush, your teeth morning, noon, and night. Up and down and all around until they're clean and white!" Thank You so much for your outreach to my son's class! They all had so much fun!!”

Nichole Wetzstein, a parent of an Osgood Preschool Student



“We so enjoyed our first visit with Dr. Jon. We had been having some issues with our youngest and were so discouraged by other consults we had. Dr. Jon eased our fears, gave us some options, and we left with a feeling of hope! He was so good with our daughter and so kind to us. We are looking forward to him opening his own practice and having him treat our family in the future! Definitely recommend him and his office!”

Kayla Gonser, mother of 4



“My kids saw Dr. Jon at another facility for their first dental appointments. We had such a great experience and everything went so smoothly, even with three kids under five!! We have been anxiously awaiting the opening of Dr. Jon's new office and will happily drive from Hawley to receive such fantastic care!”

Heather McIntyre, Mother of 3



”When my daughter began her orthodontics, she had to have 3 teeth pulled. She was terribly anxious about it and wasn't comfortable going to anyone but Dr. Bultema. Dr. Bultema was able to ease her fears before the procedure even began in the office! On the car ride home, she said, "That didn't hurt a bit. I feel great and Dr. Bultema is the only dentist I want to see.

He's the best and I trust him!"

Lindsay Peterson, mother of 3



"Her presentation is active and has the students singing and moving with her as they learn about brushing their teeth. She has great visual aids for her presentation that keep the students’ attention. The students especially enjoy watching her brush Dan’s teeth."

Danielle Eaton, Director of Little Lights Preschool, Moorhead



We deliver comprehensive oral care from baby teeth to permanent teeth and beyond.


We can help improve your dental aesthetics, whether it has to do with color, position, shape, size, alignment or overall smile appearance.



Check out our gallery of videos and resources on the various procedures, services and dental products available at Maple Family Dental.



We provide oral health education workshops and school visits. Our goal is to help children and adults enjoy caring for their teeth.



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